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Eat, Drink, and Make Resolutions

Another year gone and I’m hours away from another one. Some people have been quick to start making resolutions, while others are looking back on their 2014 ones and are either cheering or kicking themselves.

I will admit that I was never great at making resolutions that were incredible or worthy of keeping. Last year this time, I told myself that I wanted to make the best of 2014, good and bad, successes and failures. How did I do?

7847 words written in November for National Blogging Month

1946 pages read (The Maze Runner Trilogy and A Game of Thrones)

~40 visits to The Happiest Place on Earth

17 fun-filled artist signing events at WonderGround Gallery

16 times I saw a movie

7 chapters written of an original story, Coalite

4 memorable days at SDCC 2014

3 days of birthday celebration with family, friends, and co-workers

2 handmade Dapper Day outfits, courtesy of my talented mom

1 new member of the family aka Delilah

If you ask me, I think this year turned out quite well. For 2015, I resolve to make it a great one by working hard and taking things one day at a time. What about you?



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