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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Cause He Made Me Wanna Be Joe Cool

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Like many people, I was saddened by the news of B.B. King’s recent passing. The first song that I ever heard from him was Joe Cool which was on the Happy Anniversary Charlie Brown! soundtrack. The song talks about Snoopy’s slick persona who charmed the ladies but never seemed to win them over for long. While I felt bad for Snoopy messing things up with the two ladies in this song, I think B.B. King brought a great, twangy, soulful sound that matched Joe Cool’s persona.

In short, I wanted to be as cool as Joe Cool – maybe I still do.

Opposite of a Strength or Something that Makes You Waver?

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The word “weakness” shows up in many places. Job interviews, questionnaires, and casual conversations. What comes to mind if the question “What are your weaknesses?” is asked of you?

As a kid, it was a negative thing – I heard it whenever I was in homeroom about speaking up more in class or in dance classes when I needed to focus on certain moves or techniques to improve. I used to hate hearing these and would shut them out, not wanting to deal with them.

Today, the word has been identified with an area where I could use improvement. In my case, communication and public speaking I would brand as areas of weakness. I’m always striving to find the proper balance between sounding professional, respectful, and polite while keeping my own voice present in the message. Sometimes I’ll consult leaders or others for advice on what I say in a difficult situation or how to answer a detailed e-mail with multiple questions before sending it to the intended recipient.

Then there’s the other side of the coin – the people who view the word “weakness” to mean something that is tempting and may make you waver from your focused state. I knew a girl who answered the question in one of those internet memes with ‘cute boys’ as her weakness. Not an uncommon one but to me, it always interested me that she viewed weakness in a playful manner. (In a way)

What about you? How do you respond and view “weakness” as a word?