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Monthly Archives: August 2015

Is it Good Enough?

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Before the dating sites and multiple methods of communication via technology, people have always been drawn to others, the initial interest stemming from physical appearance. It’s a known fact that most people are visual driven and something that looks pretty/interesting/appealing/etc. tends to catch their eye, making them want to dig deeper to learn more.

A recent article that surfaced on the Internet tested an age old question of whether too much make-up is a turn off to guys or sends the wrong messages. The author concluded that while she didn’t receive a negative response to her more heavily made-up face, she did call out the fact that her potential suitors were more interested in checking her out because of her pretty face. A stark contrast to the ones who responded to her when she sported no make-up and instead wanted to discuss her interests and befriend her, rather than ask for a one time hookup.

Reading the article reminded me of the song Looks are Everything by Rose Falcon. The singer talks about trying various things to become the perfect girl one sees in ads and billboards but fails, eventually concluding how it all seems so backwards.

To me, its interesting to look back at old magazines from my teen years where they talked to real guys and celebrities, asking what turns them off. Makeup came up as a popular one but its interesting to see how some have come to associate it as a girl who is trying to hide something or someone who exudes a confidence and maybe a wild streak that makes them want to pursue her for a night.

Where do I fit in? I’ve been told countless times that I look like I’m in my mid-teens when I don’t sport a bit of makeup. Even when I have worn a natural/light face, many still mistake me for a younger age. I find that I’m neutral about makeup – while I like wearing a bit to look a little more polished, its harder for me to like looking at myself with something heavier like liner and prominent colored shadows without cringing a little and saying it’s too much.

Will this fascination of ‘looks are everything’ go away? Probably not. Is it worth dwelling on? Not necessarily.