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And Snap! Your Loan’s a Game!

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Ah student loans…

Either you’ve had them or you’re paying them off like I am. Like many students or grads, it can be a little dark cloud hanging over your head for years until they’re fully paid off, unless you were lucky to receive a full ride to your college or found sufficient grants and scholarships to over tuition for the full duration of your program.

For Lizbeth Pratt and her son Preston, they approached solving the debt crisis through Givling, a site where students can receive funds for paying off student loans via daily site visitors who in turn play a trivia game to win cash prizes for themselves. A small fee of $0.80 gets you 1 round of trivia play with 2 randomly matched players currently on the site at the same time.

I’ll admit I was curious so I signed up to see for myself. Want more details? Check out the article about the site and its mission.


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