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The Current Anthem of the Writer’s Life

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I’ve been a fan of this song since its release 7 years ago. I used to view this as a song that spoke about my personality but after listening to it while rushing to meet a friend for dinner, I feel it speaks to the changes in life.

The chorus references change (Cause the world will turn if you’re ready or not) and the bridge states it. (I felt a change a’comin’)

Like many young kids, I used to associate change as the enemy. I hated moving when my dad’s job changed because it meant new schools, new houses, and trying to find new friends. Being a quiet kid that didn’t know how to speak up, change seemed daunting.

When I started working with my current company in 2013, I started as an intern. A year later, I was in a contract position for them. Just a month ago, I became a permanent employee in a part time position. Change is an understatement – I’ve had to adapt and grow during this time. Many of the people I work with keep telling me that my patience paid off. It is exciting to have something permanent but I always know that change is inevitable and in order to improve, I need to anticipate and be prepared to handle it when the time comes.

Do I abhor change like I used to? It depends. These days, I see it as a factor that challenges me.


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