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Coalite – Chapter 8

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Lenny gripped her phone tightly as she re-read the message flashing across her screen. She jerked her head up and looked around, a tingle going down her spine. How did he know? No way was he here, was he?

“Okay I’m ready to head back,” Val announced as she came up beside Lenny. She nudged her friend’s elbow and frowned when she saw Lenny looking around. “Something wrong?”

Lenny snapped her head towards Val and shook her head no. “Nah we’re good,” she said with a fake smile. “Thought I saw someone I knew but it wasn’t them.”

“This is your lucky night,” Val said as she led them back to her car. “A free appetizer, delish food, and a cutie who turns out to be an old friend. Mmhm that’s definitely a good sign.”

“A sign of what?” Lenny asked.

Val smirked and raised her eyebrows.

Lenny ducked her head and shook her head no violently. Color flooded her cheeks and she opened the door to Val’s car.

“I’d say that if I wasn’t here with you, you’d prob–”

“No. Just no,” Lenny said as she crossed her arms over her chest.

“Oh suuuurrre,” Val sang. “I better not hear you moaning for–”

Lenny clapped her hands over her ears and tuned Val’s comment out. There was no way she’d think of Chance that way – especially with everything going on his life at the moment. Besides, this was the guy that she’d challenge to eat as much of the spicy pepper paste that his gran would make without reaching for water right away. The one who didn’t care if she climbed the jungle gym in a pretty romper or dress and possibly get it ripped or torn. The thought of even having an intimate moment with Chance…yeah no.

“Please promise me that you’re going to actually contact the guy, okay?” Val said as she neared her neighborhood.


Val turned into the driveway and parked the car. She turned the car off and turned towards Lenny with a serious look. “Please don’t friendzone the guy right off the bat.”

“I can’t promise that,” Lenny said as she fumbled with her seatbelt. “He only said the ‘beauty’ comment because he didn’t recognize me. Besides, I’ve got time before I gotta worry about relationships and stuff.”

Val groaned as she got out of the car and Lenny rolled her eyes as she closed her door and followed Val into the house.

“If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were fishing to ask him out,” Lenny said as they headed upstairs to Val’s room.

Val shook her head and insisted that as nice as Chance was, he was probably not her type. Lenny opened her mouth to protest but thought better of it. Val wasn’t known for having great luck with guys lately – actually she was fresh off a break-up about a month and a half ago with no dates lined up. Eventually she’d probably find someone while out socializing and would probably give it a go with him to see if he was worth pursuing again.

“Hey I need to make a call to Gran – I’ll be in soon,” Lenny said once she got out of the car.

“Kay, just text me when you’re done and I’ll let you in,” Val told her. “Mom’s been trying to get to bed earlier so I’d rather not piss her off by waking her up.”

Lenny nodded before watching Val unlock the front door and close it behind her. She went back to the trail of messages from the unknown number and pulled up the number.

I’m going to regret doing this, she thought as she dialed the number.

The phone rang twice before she heard someone answer on the other end. “So, she finally decides to call and take me up on my offer.”

“What offer?” Lenny snapped. “I’m calling to ask how the Hell you got my number and why you insist on stalking me. I’m close to putting a freaking restraining order against you!”

“Relax, will you?” Ari sighed on the other end. “Look, I’m just joking around with those texts – besides, Chance happens to be in my dorm.”

“Wow, you actually care enough to sit through a boring lecture? Scratch that, 5-6 boring lectures that aren’t about sex?” she replied.

“Yeah Miss Sarcasm Queen, I actually strive to do something smart with the brain I was given,” Ari shot back. “Shocking, I know. But seriously, you still at the restaurant?”

“No why?”

There was a pause and Lenny tapped her foot. “You gonna give me an answer or you gonna make me hang up on you?”

“Where are you now?”

“Well since being psychic seems to be one of your little talents, take a guess,” she replied.

Ari licked his lips and ran a hand through his hair. “I’d come home if I were you. Your Gran’s not the type to go out dancing, right?”

Lenny stiffened at that question. “What are you asking? Did you do something?”

Ari shook his head no as he looked down the hallway at the mess in the room. “Either she was looking for something or had an intruder before me, cause she’s gone and the place is a dump.”


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