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Get a Real Camera! The Picture vs. The Selfie

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Wherever I go, I see people pulling out their phones more, stretching their arm as far as they can go, and snapping a selfie. Physical cameras with memory cards or film are few and scattered. They still have a presence, but most of the time I’ll see them in the hands of an older member of a family. The times sure are a-changin’, so they say.

The word ‘selfie’ started making an appearance in the English vocabulary around 2005, tacking on ‘ie’ to the root word ‘self’. Whether you have a friend or circle of friends who can’t stop taking them or have heard The Chainsmokers’s song, selfie won’t be disappearing any time soon.

Do I dabble in selfies? Well, yes and no. Sometimes I’ll appear in someone’s selfie but I won’t be the one taking the photo. In terms of solo selfies, I tend to rely on a real camera with the help of the timer or another person.

I’ll be frank – my dad’s hobby (and one of his many talents) is photography. In addition to collecting vintage cameras, Dad taught me many tips and tricks with using film cameras (disposable and regular) and digital cameras (with memory card). When you grow up with a photography wiz, its hard to accept a phone’s camera app as an equal contender in the photography world.

Don’t get me wrong readers: I think the app works in a pinch but if I want a long-lasting picture that is shot in high quality, I’ll stick to my regular camera with memory card.

Where do you stand in the selfie/real camera debate?


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