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A Petite Surprise…in an Airstream

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Macaron: a French dessert comprised of 2 light almond cookies with a filling sandwiched between them. (Ex. Jam, chocolate, buttercream.)

This French treat is one of my favorite treats. They come in a variety of colors, flavors, and recently, they’ve come in unique designs like stars, clouds, and…Totoro?

One of the locations that specializes in macarons is Honey & Butter in Costa Mesa, CA. While I haven’t tried them, friends and locals rave about the fun space and the macarons, especially the ones shaped like familiar characters. Located in The Lab, Honey & Butter is housed in the airstream, open from noon until they sell out.

The owner Leanne taught herself how to make the hallowed dessert in 2014 after several attempts. Originally she received her teaching credential in Chemistry, pursuing other ventures after her studies, but abandoned them seeking a change.

In Leanne’s words, “I’m not in the business for money. I’m in this business to see the joy in people getting the stuff I make. it’s so satisfying to see someone bite into a macaron and go, ‘MMM!'”

Credit Honey & Butter


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