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Pose Like a Yoga Pro (Fashion and Fitness Collide)

Remember when people were trying to get their fruits and veggies in with every meal and exercise meant taking a jog around the block? Those days seem far away in a society that is concerned about looks, particularly being physically fit, eating/drinking your nutrients via Acai bowls and juice cleanses, and having the perfect fitness outfit that not only serves its purpose but can double as something fashionable.

Depending on where you live, you might have noticed a higher volume of yoga pants and leggings being worn in favor of jeans, pants, and skirts. Some complain the look is sloppy, unless you really just came from sweating your behind off at the gym. Others argue if you have the body and rock it, you can make it work for almost anything beyond the gym. In short, the style “athletic leisure” isn’t going away any time soon.

Gone are the days where people threw on sweatpants and some old tee that they didn’t care about for working out. With brands and sites dedicated to trendy, fashion-forward athletic apparel, it almost seems criminal to step in anything that doesn’t look like it belongs on a sporty runway.

For one site, Carbon38, the key to garnering attention for their assortment of high-end workout apparel were the models. Formerly, they relied on a regular model, but struggled with getting her to pose in a convincing manner that could sell the product. Because let’s be honest, we tend to buy something if it looks good and seems like it will work. When the model was unavailable, they turned to a real yoga instructor to model the attire, resulting in a winning set of photos that helped them move more apparel.

Another key to their success? Trial and error of the apparel items – if they don’t seem to fit with their lineup of quality workout items, they won’t carry it. Price points range from $12 for a pair of sports socks to $635 for a pricey ski jacket.

Where do you stand? Are you a fan of the fashion forward workout trend or are you more of a casual, regular gym attire person?


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