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Chasing the Restless

When anyone talks about ghosts or ghost stories, how do you react? Do you scoff and call it kiddie stuff? Or does the topic sound ominous, maybe even intriguing?

In the West we tend to view ghosts as frightening, sad, or sheer bad luck to encounter. This is the opposite in the East, where they believe that seeing a spirit is usually a good thing, especially if it is a loved one who wishes to connect with us.

I was never into ghost stories as a kid but around my late teens, I starting taking an interest after having an interesting set of encounters during a road trip. While road tripping up to Monterey one summer, my family stayed at the Madonna Inn for a night. At first I was psyched – checking out some of the rooms on the website and hoping we’d get something like the China Room. But alas, we were placed in The Fox and the Hound room – a two floor room/suite with a living room and hunting equipment acting as decorations.

Not to judge a book by its cover but I had bad vibes about the room when setting foot in it – the interior was dark and it felt gloomy. (Also didn’t help that my dream room AKA the China Room was next door.) When it came time for bed, I slept upstairs in one of the twin beds, lying completely still. About the middle of the night I heard creaking sounds under my bed but I was lying completely still. Maybe it was my mind playing tricks on me, but I felt like something was watching me.

Meanwhile, my mom and dad were sound asleep downstairs. Both were facing in the opposite direction, facing the wall. About 2 AM, Mom said she was woken up by something or someone tapping her quite firmly on the shoulder. She woke up but saw no one there.

Today, I occasionally peruse the Ghost Hunters show and flip through a few books and articles on haunted places. I used to be a big fan of the younger ghost hunting show The Othersiders because these teens were getting to check out places I’d like to visit.

What about you?


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