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So Long Supermarket

As many of you may have noticed/known, Fresh and Easy, a grocery story chain, closed its doors in early November. Prices were slashed and many people made out with cartfuls of groceries for under $100 before all locations closed. I remember walking through the madness of people grabbing everything and multiples of items, eager to get a great deal before all the good stuff was gone.

Is she really writing about a supermarket chain closing? Yes I am, because I happen to have a couple of memories associated with it.

The first time I ever went to a Fresh and Easy was my first year in college. I was carpooling with the president from Japanese culture club, who needed to pick up items for the beach bonfire we were holding. One of the things I could never forget were the huge 1 lb chocolate bars in dark, milk, and white chocolate, which she grabbed for making s’mores that evening. Years later, I tended to visit the same location to grab occasional grocery items and for ingredients to make chocolate truffles for co-workers. Humorously, I bought my vintage Pepsi from there to celebrate Back to the Future Day when the Pepsi Perfect sold out.

Stores come and go but I’ll always have the memories. Do you have any favorite memories tied to now extinct stores?


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