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Monthly Archives: January 2019

You Never Forget Your First Accident

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Happy 2019 followers and visitors.

Another year flew by and now we’re into the new one. I was reminded by Facebook that today marks the anniversary of my first car accident.

When someone once told me “You never forget your first accident”, they were right. Many people have told me that the sight was so incredible that it’s impossible to forget about.

“Are you okay?”

“Do you get anxious driving?”


It’s difficult to avoid flinching if you see a car coming up fast behind you. My eyes are always looking to avoid any cases where an unseen car or pedestrian is coming toward me and could collide any moment.

It’s sad and funny how one incident changes you. It’s showed me who is out there that thinks of my well-being in times like that. A good number of friends stood by me and offered support, an ear to hear what was going through my mind, etc. Then there are the ones that simply reacted at first, then went silent without further interaction. The latter don’t get written off as bad people or untrustworthy in my circle of friends; instead, I have realized that they are not as close as the people who have repeatedly demonstrated that no situation, big or small, is a problem for them to offer any kind of help if possible.

Optimism is what I strive for as the rest of the year lies ahead. I only hope everyone else has a successful and safe 2019.