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How to be a Crushing Disaster

Happy Valentine’s Day/Happy Singles Awareness Day to everyone. The Daily Prompt got me thinking back to one particular crush I had back in 4th grade. Needless to say, he wasn’t my first crush but the story of it was certainly memorable.

His name was John and he was in my 4th grade homeroom class. He was kind of friendly towards me but he did the bare minimum to pass homeroom. We traded pencil sharpeners because he hated the color purple and were assigned desks next to each other for a few weeks. We rode the same bus route to and from school.

Then I managed to screw things up by telling a friend of mine about my feelings for him. She was close to his older sister who was in 5th grade and the rest is history. The news slipped on the bus ride home and everyone was laughing their heads off about me with John. My face was beet-red and he hung his head and grumbled that his sister told me about my lame crush as he got off at his stop.

The rest of the year was awkward. He acted very loud and obnoxious around me whenever he could and I eventually got buried in my studies and books of female detectives and heroes.