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Sorry for Too Much Party Rockin’

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I admit that I’ve never seen Project X but apparently the grand scale of the party the main characters threw in the film was enough to inspire a negative trend of young people trying to copy the party to the ‘T’ in the activities, number of people, and advertising.

Now after all the copycat parties thrown, someone was shot and killed at one of these. Some people might argue that he had it coming to him for attending something as stupid as this, while others see the tragedy in an innocent life being taken. I’m sure its not the way the young man wanted to die (a gunshot to the head at an out of control party) and at the same time, I question his desire or intent to even want to attend that party on that night.

I’m mostly disappointed in the teen girls who attend these parties, some of them offering free admission for dressing in scantily clad clothing. Why do girls and women feel they need to stoop that low to get attention? Sure you’ll make some heads roll and faces flare, but not for very long if people start looking at the real you and maybe don’t like it because it doesn’t match with the flashy girl in the short outfit with lots of skin showing. Even Garret Jiroux, brother of Miley Cyrus’s BFF Mandy, says that he looks for a girl that is subtle and seems unattainable because guys want what they can’t have.

What are your thoughts on the madness that ensues from these copycat parties? Bad depiction of women as simply eye candy? Dangerous for the youth? A failure to determine reality from fiction?