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Listen Kid, You’re Great But You’ll Never…

It seems to me that quite a few people I’ve crossed paths with have been told this at some point in their lives. Some of them defied the people said they couldn’t do something and others shied away from the said thing because of something someone said.

As for me, I’ve been told that I’ll never be in any type of performance, especially one which involves me trying to make people laugh or one where I take on a role of someone else to entertain an audience. Which I feel is true – the only time I’ve ever made people laugh is whenever I’ve said a slang phrase or term that is more fitting for the 1950s-60s than the 21st Century or maybe if they see me make a face. Humor doesn’t come naturally to me and frankly I don’t understand it very well. As for acting, the only time I have stepped into that light is when I had to do skits in my language class. Mind you, some of them ended with humor while others, especially one with a waiter who insisted on changing his voice every sentence, were downright weird.

What about you? Would defy the naysayer or do you find yourself agreeing with them?