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Gift Wrapping – Expert or the Worst of the Worst?

The holidays are almost here (or if you celebrate Hanukkah, they’re here) and everyone talks about gift wrapping options. It’s funny to hear people talking about what they’re going to do for wrapping, whether its buying coordinating paper and ribbon to complement each other or just saying “Screw it, I’m hitting up the mall and having someone else do it for me!”

I chalk my wrapping skills up to my mom, who is very detail oriented – trying to fold the corners crisp and neat, small pieces of clear tape, and cutting long edges to make folding easier. My weakness is curling the ends of curling ribbon – I’m able to get one side curled and the other will come out kind of mangled.

There was one girl I could never forget who described herself as being completely hopeless when it came to wrapping things. She gave a mutual friend of ours a gift in a gift bag with twine wrapped around the handles. Our mutual friend ended up ripping open the bottom of the bag after getting fed up with the twine and discovered her gift (a book) was wrapped under varying layers of brown paper and duct tape! We joked that it seemed like this was a test to see how eager you were to see the gift inside.

Recently Jimmy Kimmel did a segment where he had two people who were self proclaimed bad wrappers compete to wrap various odd sized items.

What about you guys? Would you consider yourself the best gift wrapper ever or would you be more likely to give that job to someone else?