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That’s What You Get For Winning

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Historically, Americans rebelled against the King of England imposing high taxes on imports on goods since we were in a new world. Today, minus the King, we still find ourselves fighting our own government in taxes. Even the lucky ones who win the lottery end up losing most of the money to clever tax rules set in place by the government on the national and state levels. A bummer? Of course it is after having Lady Luck in our favor for something like that. But it just goes to show you that even in tough economic times, money won on chance and luck can slip through your fingers too quickly.

I Wanna Be a Billionaire Just Like Everyone Else

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Who hasn’t dreamed of winning the lottery at some point in their life? Maybe you dreamt of buying your retirement dream home, paying off debts, or that pricey car you’ve eyed for a while. So let’s say you did win the lottery after all. Before you start doing a victory dance, realize that with great financial responsibility comes big problems, risk for making the wrong sort of friends, and trying to draw a line between close romantic/family relationships and “friends” who need a bailout.

I once had a dream that I won the lottery, only to have the media splash my image on the front page as the surprise winner who’s not even out working yet. And of course no dream is complete without the nightmares of once good friends turning against you.

To this day, I can remember a British girl in her 20s who won the lottery and had to file for bankruptcy a few years later because she spent all of her winnings on a breast enhancement surgery, designer drugs, pricey clothes, and flashy but problematic cars. She said at the end how much she regretted winning since it made her think irrationally instead of planning things out carefully with the future in mind.

Anyone else had those moments or thought about the consequences before writers on Yahoo spelled them out?