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Hunger Sinks Ships and Annihilates Renunions

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If the people at Lionsgate weren’t doing the polka in my last Hunger Games post, then I’m sure they are singing, dancing a jig, and whooping for joy with the non-sequel film making $300 million for its 3rd week at the box office. Interestingly, a correspondent for Entertainment Weekly boasted that since the Titanic and American Pie did so well during their initial releases in the 1990s, there was no way The Hunger Games could stack up to Titanic at the very least. (Looks like he’ll be eating his words once he sees the numbers!)

Aside from Lionsgate, Jennifer Lawrence is sure to be rolling in the deep with profits from this popular adaptation. I’m sure in addition to playing a role model character she liked since reading the series, she’s probably grateful for the financial benefits the film will bring her.