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Sipping Stars and Finding Soul

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Happy 2017 to my readers!

How many of you have heard music playing in coffee shops, pulled out your fancy smartphones, and used an app to determine the song playing? I’ve done it many times so I can hunt down the full song on YouTube or another platform for listening to the whole tune.

A quick stop into Starbucks this afternoon led me to hear the chorus for this gem, which resulted in a look up via SoundCloud to find the title for later.

A short snippet of piano hooks you in, later used as a foundation melody repeated in the background as more instruments build on it into the chorus. Instantly this small hook transported my mind to a smoky, seedy bar with neon lights flickering in the window with a handful of patrons – mostly locals. (Fitting as the first verse muses if the singer’s ex lover is out drinking and possibly free to hear her out one more time.)

The haunting vocals crooning this song of failed relationships and reminiscing about the good times belongs to fresh-faced LÉON, who hails from Stockholm, Sweden. In addition to this single, she has an EP titled Treasure out now and a full album on the way.

The combination of her delivery and instrumental music is refreshing for me in an era of electronica, fast-paced music, and heavy synthesizers. Something tells me that her star is going to grow brighter in the near future…


Songs I’m Listening to Now

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Music has been a prominent part of my life. Whether its instrumental or has a catchy set of lyrics, I tend to find something in the mess of genres that speaks to me. There’s no one genre I limit myself to – if it has a good beat, set of lyrics that I can relate to, or just sounds good, I’ll add it to my music arsenal.

What about you? Any though-provoking, adrenaline-rush inducing, head-nodding jams I should listen to?

If There’s Too Much to Leave, Won’t Hold it Against You

It may not be a chart topping hit like their songs Talking Dreams and Cool Kids but this track by Echosmith has become one of my favorite songs to listen to. The lyrics are frank and very evocative of how things can go in a relationship, romantic and friendship alike. You want to be wanted by the other person without being a deadweight and the struggle is to convey that desire without sound desperate or uncaring.