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It’s There Somewhere in the Mess (An original poem inspired by Mockingjay)

Inspired by Peeta Mellark’s struggle in Suzanne Collins Mockingjay novel, I present to you my original poem.

There are faces in my line of sight

Screams of agony engulfing me

And a thousand voices in my head


The memories I held onto

As beacons of hope

Are broken and jagged like shards of glass


Voids created and details lost

Friends, family, foes

All the same


The one face

That stands out

The braid, the grey eyes, and the golden pin


I think she’s a threat

But others say otherwise

I’m trying to remember

But it’s a mess inside



Rubber Band Romance (An Original Poem)

Inspired by the real life and celebrity couples who can never seem to get enough of each other, even when it’s over.

Mutual friends introduced them

They met at a party or event

Or they met by pure chance


They were a match made in heaven

Or the worst pair ever

Some in support

Others voicing dissent


One says “I quit!”

The bystanders react

Cheers, gasps, horror alike

Both go their separate ways, for a while at least


Days, months, years pass

Someone reaches out to offer peace

Suddenly its back on


The couple who called it Splitsville back together!

Power couple in power once again!

The pictures flash them together

Arm in arm

Lips on lips

The passion reignited


Then the end arrives once more

Bittersweet than the last time

Maybe its mutual

Or painful heartbreak for one party


Oh they’ll be back soon, some claim

They can’t get enough of each other

God I hope not! Scream others

They deserve so much better


Before they know it

Here comes the next round

Predictable to some while a shock to others

Let’s see what happens this time

Insta-jealousy (An Original Poem)

I was inspired by the rapid, somewhat flashy scene of Instagram and the fact that when pictures or videos are posted, a single post can result in admiration, curiosity, and jealousy. Personally, I’m not a user on the app but it’s been interesting seeing people post pictures with filters, comments, and liking various media from friends, family, and strangers.

X followers, XX,XXX following

New photo posted, 1 minute ago

One like, Six likes, the rest flood in

First one to comment! someone boasts

Follow me plz! (Insert username here)


New photo posted, caption: Hangin’ with mah boy/girl at our favorite haunt. #TGIS #LoveYouSoMuch


Who’s that girl/guy?

I hate u, u btch!

Back off username, we all know they belong to me

Cool it username, he/she can like whoever they like


Dining out tonite! #wesofancy #sushilove

Where’s tht at?

OMG gimme!

Plz, plz follow me! I luv u!

Save me some!


A sneak peek at a new project I’m working on. #art #workinprogress

Oooh! Is that (insert character/film/TV show name)?

I NEED THAT!!! Where can I get it?

Oh noes, the (insert character/film/TV show name) bug got to you too. Whhyyyyyy?

Cool art, please check me out here!

Unapologetic Poetry

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A few days ago the snippets of a poetry sample and assignment from my Honors Humanities teacher came to mind. He shared with us an infamous poem from William Carlos Williams that started with an announcement and ended with an apology. Like many teachers who have shared this poem with their students, he encouraged us to write our own takes on this formula that Williams presented.

I can’t remember the exact words I used for my poem, but I remember mine being quite tame compared to the variety of poems that came in. Why tame? It centered around the special needs greyhound that my family fostered then eventually adopted until she passed away last June.

I’m guessing that this poem came back to mind with the recent trend of the phrase “Sorry, not sorry” because I tend to read this style of poetry as a way to taunt, if not deliver a strong message across with deliberation. Rarely do we apologize with real meaning behind the words anymore – “I’m sorry” doesn’t seem to have the same conviction it used to have. Instead, it’s more of a throwaway phrase used to smooth over a situation that is tense or awkward.

For old times sake, I decided to give this style another go to see where I ended up:

This is just to say

I will not

date you or

speak to you again



we have


in common


Forgive me

I am

an old soul

and you are

still a kid



Not The Girl (An Original Poem)

You have my number and I have yours

But it didn’t mean that you could hound me

Message after message during every waking hour

Sure it was nice at first

But now I’d rather chuck my phone at the wall

They are rapid-fire and never ending

From the simplest “Howdy do”

To the bizarre, “Now how about that book that every woman secretly reads”

I can’t stand to see them

Not when I’m busy

I’ve told you I’m tied up or focused for the day

But that falls on deaf ears

I’m dense but I’m not that dumb to not notice

Your not-so-subtle hints of us hand in hand

The other girl is just a fling

But I’d probably be the next one, wouldn’t I?

I will not take it seriously on the first date

It probably wouldn’t happen until several dates later

I won’t be the one kissing you sloppily in public

Nor will I be batting my eyelashes longingly

As you hold me close

I will not walk down the aisle with you tomorrow

That won’t be for several more years

I will not hook up with you

Because I’m not that loose

I will not build your hopes up

Because I know that you’ll be disappointed

I’m not the quiet, smiley girl that you assume I am

I’ve raised my voice to fill the room

I’ve snapped sarcasm and cynicism whenever it seems fit

And by the way, I do not find your messages “cute”, “adorable”, or “aww-worthy”

So save yourself the trouble

Go chase another skirt

Because I’m not your match

And I will never be “the girl”