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Define Happy

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Hey, where in the world has the author been? It’s almost been two months since we last saw her!

Instead of pleading the Fifth, how about I share with you some snapshots of my life while I was away from this wonderful blogging space:


13040838_10153589706207963_1316372428640684390_oTaken by Chrissy Ives


Yes, multiple visits to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood were made during the months of April and May with good friends. Contrary to my expression in the first picture, I did try Butterbeer and thought it was interesting, but I preferred the Gillywater. 🙂

Early May was Spring Dapper Day at the Disneyland Resort and there was no shortage of Dapper Disneybounders like myself. It’s a no brainer for me to channel my favorite Lucky Rabbit.

I guess you could say that the month of April and May were spent trying to reconnect with old friends and making new memories. Many of these people I haven’t seen in almost a year and now that many of us are working, getting married, or studying graduate or doctorate degrees, we hardly have time to hang out and just have fun without the worries. These three images are only the tip of the iceberg in terms of time spent with friends and family, but I like to think that in those months, I said yes to more fun times than ever.

All right gang, how about you? Any exciting, magical events take place while I was gone?


Sunday Towers

Hashhouse A Go GoTaken by my dad

A picture of my breakfast from Hashhouse a Go Go – Andy’s Sage Fried Chicken and Bacon Waffle Tower. It’s been roughly 2 years since I’ve been to this restaurant, which has won many awards for their breakfast dishes and unique spin on classic dishes like fried chicken and waffles. Normally I gravitate to one of their Signature Pancakes like the Snickers pancake but this time I wanted to try the famous dish that they consider a classic staple on their menu. Not good for dieters but well worth the hype – chicken was moist and the outer fried shell was crunchy. Waffles were excellent with the addition of bacon bits.

I highly recommend you go at least once to one of their locations – a fantastic menu and a fun experience.

Way Ahead of ‘Em

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At the Big Hero 6 Event

Taken by Chuck Kunze

The title is a reference to the character Go Go Tomago, one of the characters in Big Hero 6, coming out this Friday. A select group of tumblr users were invited to attend the screening with a guest before the movie released and hang out at an after party. Another user pointed out that my outfit channeled Go Go’s – funny how that ended being a happy mistake.

My lips are sealed on the details of the film but I highly encourage everyone to go out and see it – a wonderful film that everyone will enjoy – a bit of action, comedy, tragedy, and memorable characters = something for everyone.