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Time Flies by When You’re Telling a Story

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Last week marked the 5th anniversary of Your Smile is Priceless – who knew that a blog analyzing the blogger’s life in a society struggling to pull itself out of the recession combined with literature would grow from an audience of her classmates to beyond?

I wish to extend a huge thank you to all of my followers and readers for coming and staying on for the ride – it has been a pleasure sharing glimpses of my life, the small nuggets of success, and the occasional drabble with you.

In addition to work, I promised myself to make the most out of my time at San Diego Comic Con this summer. Previously in 2015, I spent many days camping out for hours to stake my place in Hall H for several panels from Lionsgate, BBC, and 20th Century Fox with good friends. Don’t get me wrong readers – my friends and I had some good times waiting in line but my dad commented that I missed many of the smaller panels or experiences taking place on the floor. This time, most of the panels I attended were smaller and I was fortunate to immerse myself in the floor activity and some of the outside offerings (Vote for Snoopy and Suicide Squad x Samsung Experience to name a few).

stan-lee-2Photo taken by Susan K.

Save for walking around the convention floor, I did get in a long line to draw a ticket for a limited autograph session for MARVEL legend and early founder Stan Lee. It was rumored that this was Mr. Lee’s final appearance at SDCC, due to age and stamina. Like me, many were clamoring to be one of a hundred fans who got a coveted wristband. My mom and I stepped up to the ticket drawing bags and were fortunate to draw winning tickets for the signing. No pictures with Stan or conversations were permitted, but you could try to slip in a selfie from the waiting area of the line.

stan-leePhoto taken by Susan K.

Everyone expected a huge group of security surrounding him when he was scheduled to start the signing but instead, he walked up from a backstage elevator by himself, smile on his face and waving at everyone in line. My mom snapped this picture of him smiling at me after he returned my signed print of Spider-man before I was ushered out of the signing area. A living legend and a truly memorable moment.

To all of my readers out there, I want to hear your priceless and memorable moments that you’ve had recently. Feel free to share down in the comments.


Quick and Dirty: Pirated Videos

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On Saturday, July 11, I was one of 5000 people who got to see exclusive footage of the WB film Suicide Squad. Hours later, an illegal, low resolution copy of the footage appeared on the Internet, despite the fact that showrunners and security were watching for people sneaking illegal cameras and filming during the trailers and footage. Two days later, WB was forced to release the footage in HQ, stating that they had hoped to keep it an exclusive for Comic Con attendees but they did not want low quality footage floating around on the Internet.

This wasn’t the first time that illegal footage has been leaked from San Diego Comic Con – in the past, BBC writers had threatened attendees when behind-the-scenes footage for shows like Doctor Who and Sherlock leaked early.

In a world where social media has made sharing content easy and quick, piracy has become a huge problem for music, TV, and film. Millions of dollars are lost when people choose to surf or download pirated content versus paying for a HQ, legal download through an approved site or vendor. Why download?

To some, they want the film now and free, no questions asked. For others, it acts as placeholder until the HQ version of the film/TV show comes out in their country.

I tend to be sympathetic to the companies producing the content, especially if its an indie production or a smaller budget film that is testing the waters to see if there’s an interest. I know going to the theaters is getting expensive but there’s a lot of options out there for seeing the film. (Attending a morning screening, seeing a film during the week, or seeing it at the bargain theater.)

What are your thoughts?