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The Price of Hollywood

Yesterday I attended the live auction for The Hunger Games Costume Auction, which was open to bidders and viewers all around the world. You could either call in, bid online, or bid in person to try to win a piece of a hot film franchise. Judianna Makovsky had a limited budget to work with for the costumes of the first film and many of the designs have become quite iconic.

While I didn’t bid on anything, it was exciting yet shocking to watch as bids flew between in-person bidders, online bidders, and phone bidders. The majority of items worn by Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen fetched high prices:

Reaping Dress and Shoes – $29,000

Hunting Jacket (Both films) – $50,000

Chariot Costume – $27,000

Training Center Costume and Custom-Made Boots – $32,000

Fire Dress – $250,000

Arena Costume (Pristine version worn in the Prep Chamber) – $10,000

Arena Costume (Worn for Cornucopia scene) – $30,000

Arena Costume (Worn after being burned in the leg) – $34,000

Hunting Boots – $3100

Hunting Jacket (Worn only for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire promotional poster) – $21,000

The final bids do not include the CA tax or the auction house’s 20% of the hammer price.

There were many gasps and shocked looks in the audience when the Fire Dress reached a six figure number very quickly. The same bidder also won the heeled shoes worn with the dress in the film. I suspect that most of the audience there were there to watch and see what would sell, with the occasional high roller who could afford to drop the money on a piece or two.

A few of my friends asked if I would have tried to place a bid but I doubt I would have. I feel that the experience of seeing the costumes and watching them go to the true collectors was exciting in itself.