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Live or Recording?

Do many of you attend music concerts? Are you a frequent attendee or is it occasionally?

Sad to say I’ve only attended 2 concerts – one for the classical strings trio The Ahn Trio and the other a fair concert for the Jonas Brothers before their second CD came out. I did notice that true to the recordings, these musicians were able to perform their songs without needing to lip-sync or sounding vastly different from the recorded tracks. I always thought it was great seeing people in concert if they could match the quality of sound and music I heard on the recording.

Of course, there’s always the other end of the spectrum. It feels like many musicians these days prefer to use some kind of aid or tuner to help, which is apparent if they sing live and it sounds completely different. Am I disappointed when that happens? Yes.

Even with videos of live performances, one has to question if the musician is truly singing on their own or if they’re using something to help their voice sound closer to the original track.

For example, I’m about 99% this is all Weird Al singing in this video. Take a look and make your own choice.


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