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A Single Compliment Can Make a Heart Open

Video from Buzzfeed

A compliment can seem like an innocent thing. Simply letting someone know that their joke was funny, their outfit is pretty, or that they liked something you did seems like a small gesture to express gratitude or admiration. It’s often been said that small compliments like these can improve someone’s mood or make them feel better about themselves.

Meet Chris Ulmer, a special education teacher who starts every class by complimenting all of his students. This in turn has boosted their confidence and has motivated them to reciprocate and bond with fellow classmates. It’s a simple thing but it has proven to be a very positive effect on these students and how they act and view themselves.

Face it, things can be difficult and sometimes we all need a little boost every now and then. Do you make it a point to give out a genuine compliment every now and then?


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